The Secrets To New Student Sources That Successful School Owners Know

Growth Teleconference facilitator, Board Vice-chair, Master George Broyles has scheduled Sa Bom Nim Phillip Bartolacci to present the April 28th Growth Teleconference in which he will discuss “The Secret To New Student Sources That Successful School Owners Know.” 

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Sa Bom Nim Phillip Bartolacci, Dan Bon 20571 began training in Scranton, PA in May 1973. He has served the Federation and the Moo Duk Kwan in the following roles:

  • Elected Board Director
  • Vice-Chair BoD
  • Appointed Board Director
  • Regional Examiner
  • TAC Weh Gung Bu
  • TAC Chairman
  • Hu Kyun In
  • WMDK Representative
  • Certified School Owner

His thought-provoking and educational presentation will benefit any instructor seeking to attract new students necessary to sustain a successful Moo Do Dojang.

Some key topics of discussion will include:

  • Does your local Mayor know you?
  • Civic Organizations = Free Publicity
  • Know every Elementary School Principal within 10-mile radius of your school (and make sure they know you!
  • What do you give away? (8 Key Concepts for Character Development)
  • Describe what you do when asked?
  • Is your online presence a brochure or a resource?
  • Facebook Math 101

Motivated attendees will depart with actionable knowledge that can begin putting new students in your school immediately.

Join him April 28th 8:00 PM EST. 

Text GROWTH to 70000 for dial-in info.

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